With L7HERO, everything you need to get going is included in our standard website package. We also offer some optional extras.

We offer two types of 12 month plan…


Make a one-time payment of $724 upfront for the year, and save $80 (that’s 1 and half months free!).



Or pay $67 a month (available to established businesses only).

It’s easy to renew after your first year if you like! That’s what most of our customers choose to do.

Note, prices do not include taxes.

Fantastic value for a whole year

A professional website to showcase what you do to the world. Up to 5 pages with descriptions and images we put together for you (typically: Home, Services, Gallery, Reviews, Contact).

Unlimited edits and updates, for free, for as long as you use L7HERO(yes, really!), with support from our brilliant team of experts.

A design that’s clear and easy to use. Optimized for mobile phones as well as bigger screens.

Google-friendly content, so your customers can find you easily on google search.

A built-in contact form and location info, so your customers can get in touch with you.

A professional email address, which can forward emails to your personal address.

Your domain (the “www…” thing) will be registered directly to you, rather than through a third party, so it’s yours to keep.

Optional Extras

What we offer

Slideshow: $30 one-off

Hosted mailbox: $5 monthly or $48 yearly

Social media feed: $20 one-off

Extra page: $30 yearly

Custom Online Form: $147 one-off

Appointment Scheduler: $115.00 one-off

Woocommerce Merchant Store Setup (with up to 20 products): $347.00 one-off

Additional Woocommerce product page: $30.00 yearly

Extra domain names: This varies. For example, a “.net” domain name costs $12 but a “.tv” domain name costs $40. We charge different amounts because we get charged different amounts to buy them for you.

Tailored for you

You might like to add one or more of these extra services if it could help you grow your business. We’ll talk you through all your options on the phone, and you can always decide to add one later.


If you’re not sure which of these extras might be useful for you, or how it works, feel free to ask us. We’re more than happy to help.

So, what do you think?

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing that your website is in good hands, so you can focus on your business?

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