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Hi, we’re L7Hero. We can make you a stunning website over the phone or chat.

Yes, it really is that easy to grow your small business with a professional website.

Even if you’re not a computer expert.

Even if you’re on a tight budget.

L7HERO is the “do it for me” website maker and manager

You tell us about your business in a friendly half-hour phone appointment. Then 48 hours later, VOILA! You have a stunning new website that puts your name in lights.

And you can tell us to update it for you anytime.

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Amazing Value for a whole entire year

Got better things to do with your time than figuring things out with a Do-It-Yourself website builder?

Got better things to do with your money than caught up for a pricey development agency?

L7HERO does all the hard work for you at setup and beyond… without charging an arm and a leg.

We offer two types of 12 month plan:

  • Pay $724 upfront for the year, and save $168 (that’s 1 ½ months free!).

  • Or pay $67 a month (available to established businesses only).

Note, these prices do not include Taxes.

It’s super easy to renew after your first year. Most of our customers do.

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You get all this with L7HERO…

A professional website to showcase what you do to the world. Up to 5 pages with descriptions and images we put together for you (typically: Home, Services, Gallery, Reviews, Contact).

Unlimited edits and updates, for free, for as long as you use L7HERO(yes, really!), with support from our brilliant team of experts.

A design that’s clear and easy to use. Optimized for mobile phones as well as bigger screens.

Google-friendly content, so your customers can find you easily on google search.

A built-in contact form and location info, so your customers can get in touch with you.

A professional email address, which can forward emails to your personal address.

Your domain (the “www…” thing) will be registered directly to you, rather than through a third party, so it’s yours to keep.

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How it works

1) Arrange your kickoff call – Takes 1 minute

First, fill in our simple online form with a few quick details about you.

2) Have your kickoff call – Takes 10 minutes

Let’s make sure we’re right for each other. Okay to move ahead? You can pay over the phone and we’ll schedule your main appointment call right away.

3) Have your website appointment call – Takes 20-30 minutes

We’ll ask you lots of (easy!) questions about you and your business, so we can make a website for you that looks good and does the job. What services do you offer? What colors do you like? And so on. Absolutely nothing technical.

4) See your website within 48 hours

Ready to see your name in lights? We will email you as soon as your website is ready.

5) Need changes? No problem Turnaround: within 24 hours.

You can tell us to tweak your website for you till it’s perfect. For example, you might like to swap a photo we’ve sourced for one of your own. (Remember, you get unlimited free edits in the future as well as the start).

6) We manage the technical stuff

We’ll make sure to keep your website’s lights on. We take care of the security updates, performance upgrades, domain registration and hosting, basic SEO, and all the other techy stuff you’d rather not worry about.

So, what do you think?

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing that your website is in good hands, so you can focus on your business?

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Your website could be live within 48 hours

Your customers-to-be are out there on the internet, searching for you. The sooner you’ve established your online presence with L7HERO, the sooner they’ll find you. And you can do what you do best.

No homework needed

You don’t have to be a technology genius or do any research about “marketing”. All you need to do is answer some easy questions about your business in a phone appointment that takes 20-30 minutes. It’s like talking to one of your own customers.

We’ll work with you till you love it: guaranteed

Your customers-to-be are out there on the internet, searching for you. The sooner you’ve established your online presence with L7HERO, the sooner they’ll find you. And you can do what you do best.

That’s a promise for life, not just for setup

When we say “we do it for you”… we mean it. Moved offices? Added a new service? Special offer? More photos? Let us know and we will make the changes to your website for you. (Or of course, you can just sit back and relax and we’ll keep it ticking over.)

More than 1,000 websites made so far…

Haven’t heard of L7HERO before? We’ve been around since 2015, but we spent a long time talking to our customers and improving the way L7HERO works behind the scenes. To make sure we really understand what you need from a website to grow your business.

We’re here for you, wherever you are

You can reach us by phone and email, and through your L7HERO Dashboard (easy to use on mobile or at a computer). We’re still local at heart, but you’ll find our friendly team of support experts all over the world, so we can look after our customers in every timezone.

Arrange your kickoff call today (takes 1 minute)

To get started, just fill in our simple online form with some quick details about you.

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